DSR Holdings Market Intelligence (MI) specializes in assisting early stage and high growth ventures with obtaining vital, actionable information about financial realities in their target market(s) as well as competitor strategies and pertinent industry information.

The output of DSR Holdings’ analysis helps to provide objective guidance to assist companies in preparing realistic and competitive go to market (GTM) plans commensurate with their stage of growth, competitive landscape, and industry.

DSR Holdings’ MI (DSR-MI) reports collate information from several inputs — including both open and closed sources — and cross-checks information against industry market research reports. This helps guarantee the provision of a reliable and verified data source.

Inputs include:

  • Third party market intelligence provider reports, including subscriber-only content
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) inputs
  • Client-side business intelligence (BI) outputs
  • Proprietary methodologies

DSR Holdings is not currently onboarding new Market Intelligence accounts.