DSR Holdings Moves To Put Impact At The Core Of Its Business With Tightened Internal Governance And Due Diligence Regulations

Jerusalem, May 31st:

  • Internal governance shakeup mandates impact evaluations when contracting with both suppliers and customers
  • Retrospective holistic impact evaluations (HIEs) will be undertaken before year end

DSR Holdings announced today a major shift in its internal governance regulations, requiring that all its constituent business divisions consider prospective customers’ impact when entering into business contracts.

The new internal guidelines also require that a Holistic Impact Evaluation (HIE) be added to the business’s existing due diligence process when onboarding new suppliers. Going forward, business units will not contract with suppliers nor vendors whose HIE indicates that their net impact is negative.

“Traditionally, our business divisions were guided in their decision-making process by a mixture of economic factors, such as projected account profitability, and an ethical overview,” founder Daniel Rosehill asserted.

“However, with less than ten years to go until the planetary deadline for the attainment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we have decided that we can no longer continue ignoring the broader mandate of considering impact.”

“This due diligence shake-up reflects, in meaningful action, the fact that we believe that nobody can afford to remain on the fence or the sidelines of the ongoing shift towards impact-centricity.”

“Going forward, we will be asking all prospective contracting parties to supply any environmental, sustainability, and governance (ESG) reporting data that they may already have undertaken. We will also be seeking, more broadly, to understand these parties’ visions for achieving net-positive impacts across four domains: employment impact, supply chain impact, product impact, and environmental impact — following the delineation advocated for by the Impact Weighted Accounts Initiative at Harvard Business School.”

  • DSR Holdings has business lines in marketing communications, design consultancy, and bespoke small market publishing.